Anime Weekend Atlanta report!

So I’ve been dead for…a long long time, but I came back on briefly to post pics since pandacchii (Panda) and shigino (Brendii) crashed at my dorm recently while going to AWA for the sake of SUWABE

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"—You’re not my shadow anymore."
For Lola’s contest

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My experience at AWA: using misdirection to take creeper selfies with all the other kurobas cosplayers who didn’t notice me

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Collab between Dynamo5 and me! We sold this as an 11x17 print at AFO and laughed at everyone’s reactions which were basically “WHY WOULD YOU DRAW THIS” 

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some kikuro doodles for 7/11 !!

uroko tetu


Imagine Kuroko in the library overhearing people asking their friends where to find a specific book, so he goes and grabs it for them and leaves it on a table near them like a book-distributing-ninja and eventually, there’s an urban legend that if you go to Seirin High’s library and ask for a book politely it will appear on a table by you.


Sad shitty comics about it - 4/6

Headcanon that Stoick was away when Valka gave birth to Hiccup at seven months. Stoick probably swam and sailed the savage seas (badum tsssss) to get back to Berk and see his son. I think in the movie Valka implied that Hiccup “came early into this world” and I’ve been thinking about that ever since.

Sorry this one’s a bit sloppy. Anyway, I’ve decided with just six sad shitty comics so I can move on to maybe happier shitty comics. There have been a number of happy requests and I’ll be sure to get to them after I get all the angsty ones out. Don’t forget to be a dear tag your spoilers! XO.


11RT로 물고문 당하는 딕

ㅇㅅㅇ 딕 이뻐 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ


青黒ABO: Alpha!Aomine and Omega!Kuroko